Mews of Mayfair is a unique hideaway, tucked away in one of London’s historic courtyards. With a choice of different bars situated around a chic courtyard, including a first-floor brasserie and a pizzeria, this is a place for everyone. From brunch to late night drinks, it’s the perfect spot for all budgets and palates alike.

Located in two 18th century stable houses, Mews of Mayfair is an elegant eating and drinking destination that populates the entire Mews. Following a quick refresh and overall ‘polish’, Mews of Mayfair has a newly found spring in its step and is excited to announce some new additions across its menus, from fresh and delicious seasonal dishes to opulent cocktails, as well as additional artwork added throughout the venue giving each destination its own unique character.

Building on the success of Mews of Mayfair to date, the refresh is set to make it more in line with modern day expectations, ensuring it adapts to current consumer demands. Mews of Mayfair has worked hard to ensure every aspect of its business offers a taste and experience you will want to enjoy time and again.